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OnePitch keeps the hits coming

August 2010

OnePitch has dramatically expanded its market with the introduction of the world's first system for tracking hits within a batting cage environment.

Employing the same laser technology that the OnePitch uses to track the flight of a pitched baseball, the "Grid" is now able to track hit balls. Our first installation has just been completed at The Yard, a high-end baseball training facility near Scripps Ranch.

By virtue of providing off-the-bat velocity, distance and location, the OnePitch Hitting system will significantly enhance the batting cage experience. The system also provides feedback (spray chart, pitch speed etc.) that makes it a meaningful training tool.

The system has already piqued the interest of a top game developer who has expressed interest in collaborating with OnePitch to export our data into their category-leading baseball video game.

In this gaming application, users would establish their real-world hitting credentials at OnePitch-enabled batting cages. These credentials would then be applied to their virtual "avatar" enabling players to 'play as themselves' against other game characters.

OnePitch has partnered with WYL Ventures to sell the systems to batting cages and practice facilities throughout the U.S. WYL Venture's plan is to network all of the systems, allowing players at any location to engage in virtual contests with other players anywhere.

Now that we have fully operational facilities on line, we are eager to showcase the systems' capabilities to our supporters. We are confident that seeing is believing and would be happy to host visitors to experience the systems for themselves.

If you're interested in scheduling a demonstration, please contact Norb Seufert at (858)229-5625.


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