Applying Science to the Art of Baseball



The OnePitch Hitting system provides the following information in real time:

  • Spray Chart
  • Distance and trajectory of the hit
  • Hit location and velocity
  • Pitch location and velocity

Value Proposition

  • By dramatically enhancing the user experience, batting cages can charge a premium.
  • Our systems enable competitive play modes which will promote repeat visits.
  • Buzz-worthy “attraction” promises to expand customer base.
  • Highly accurate, subjective feedback that tracks a player’s progress improves a facility’s training capabilities.

Competitive Advantage

  • The ability to project hits onto a virtual stadium
  • Networked gaming modes
  • Unprecedented accuracy
  • Advanced training capabilities

Batting cages suffer inconsistent revenue streams due to:

  • limited customer base
  • stagnant product offerings
  • limited pricing power


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